Text Box: Kothies, Authority Built Ups, Duplex, Houses, AuthoritityPlots

There are several Options for Kothies, Built ups, Duplex, Independent Houses, Built ups, plots with completion and without completion with us in various Sectors of Greater Noida.


We prefer you visit our office and meet us, we provide only brief information over the phone about these properties.


We assure you to provide any kind of inventory in Greater Noida in any of the sector. We have more than 400 properties for sale, directly from owners.


The various options are available in below sectors:


Completion (Plots) and Kothies (Either Ground Or Ground + 1st floor) Available

Alpha-I (60, 100, 120, 200, 300, 350 Sq Mtr)      

Alpha-II (60, 100, 120, 200, 300, 350 Sq Mtr)     

Beta-I (60, 120, 200, 300, 350 Sq Mtr)   

(Beta-II (Beta-2) (60, 120, 200, 300, 350 Sq Mtr)            

Gamma-I (Gamma-1) (60, 100, 120, 200, 300, 350 Sq Mtr)         

Gamma-II (Gamma-2) (60, 100, 120, 200, 300, 350 Sq Mtr)        

Delta-I (Delta-1) (60, 120 Sq Mtr)          

Delta-II (Delta-2) (60, 120, 200, Sq Mtr) 

Delta-III (Delta-3) (200, 300, 350, 450 Sq Mtr)    

Eta-I (Eta-1) (200, 300 Sq Mtr)  

Eta-II (Eta-2) (200, 300, 500, 1000 Sq Mtr)         

Zeta-II (Zeta-2) (200, 300, 500, 1000 Sq Mtr)     

Sector-31 (Swaran Nagari) (200, 288 Sq Mtr)

Sector-36 (40, 60, 90, 112, 120, 162, 200, 300, 350 Sq Mtr)       

Sector-37 (120, 200 Sq Mtr)      

Pocket P-3 (60, 120, 200 Sq Mtr)          

Pocket P-4 (60, 98, 120, 200, 300, 350 Sq Mtr)  

Chi-Phi & Chi– 5 Extn (350, 500, 700, 1000 Sq Mtr)      

Sigma-I (Sigma-1), Sector-42 (300, 500 Sq Mtr)            

Sigma-II (Sigma-2), Sector-42 (300, 500 Sq Mtr)

Sigma-III (Sigma-3), Sector-42 (300, 500 Sq Mtr)

Sigma-IV (Sigma-4), Sector-42 (300, 500 Sq Mtr)


Authority Plots Available:

Sector Omicron-III (Omicron-3) Possession Given (60, 90, 120, 162, 200 Sq Mtr)

Sector-XU—2 Possesion in December (60, 90, 120, 162, 200 Sq Mtr)

UPSIDC Surajpur Site-C (Residential) (100, 100, 150, 200, 300 Sq Mtr)

Golf Link-I (150, 200, 250, 300, 350 Sq Yard)

Golf Link-II(100 sqy onwards)

Sector Zeta-2 (Sector-Zeta-2) (120, 200, 300 Sq Mtr)

Plots Omaxe NRI City (300, 433, 500, 700, 1000 Sq Mtr)

MU-3 (60, 90, 120 Sq Mtr)

Sector-2  (Greater West/ Noida Extension) (162, 220 Sq Mtr)

Sector-3 (Greater West/ Noida Extension) (120, 200 Sq Mtr)


Authority Build Ups Available (Ground Floor)

Omicron-I (Omicron-1) (70, 90, 120, 200, 250, 500 Sq Mtr)       

Omicron-II (Omicron-2) (70, 90, 120, 200, 250, 500 Sq Mtr)      

Sector-XU—1 (70, 90, 120 Sq Mtr)        

Sigma-I (Sigma-1), Sector-42 (90, 200, 300 Sq Mtr)

Sigma-II (Sigma-2), Sector-42 (90, 200, 300 Sq Mtr)

Sigma-III (Sigma-3), Sector-42 (90, 200, 300 Sq Mtr)

Sigma-IV (Sigma-4), Sector-42 (90, 200, 300 Sq Mtr)

MU-1 (70, 90, 120 Sq Mtr)

MU-2 (70, 90, 120 Sq Mtr)

Sector-3 (Greater West/ Noida Extension) (120 Sq Mtr)


For Plots, Kothies & Duplex in Greater Noida, please visit our Greater Noida Plots website: GreaterNoidaPlots.co.in





















Greater Noida Authority Duplex      Actual Picture Above                Noida Authority Duplex Actual Picture Above



Authority Flats Available (Ground Floor)

Sector Zeta-I (Sector-Zeta-1) (30 Sq Mtr)



Industrial Plots Available:

Ecotech-III (Udyog Kendra) (2100 Sq Mtr)

UPSIDC Surajpur Site-C (Industrial) (300, 450, 600, 1000 onwards Sq Mtr)

Surajpur Site-B (Industrial) (300, 450, 600, 1000 onwards Sq Mtr)

Surajpur Site-IV (Industrial) (450, 1000 onwards Sq Mtr)

Surajpur Site V (450, 600, 800, 1000, 2000, 3000 onwards Sq Mtr)

Sector Site-V (A-2) EPIP (450, 600, 800, 1000, 2000, 3000 onwards Sq Mtr)

Export Zone (300, 450, 1000 onwards Sq Mtr)

Toy City & M.U.P.-II (450, 600, 1000, 2000 onwards Sq Mtr)

Ecotech-I (Ecotech-1) (1000, 2000 onwards Sq Mtr)

Ecotech-II (Ecotech-2) (1000, 2000 onwards Sq Mtr)

Sector Ecotech-XI (1000, 2000 onwards Sq Mtr)

Tech Zone at Greater Noida

M.U.P.-I (Mahila Udyami Park) (1000, 2000 onwards Sq Mtr)

Sector Ecotech-I Extension (Ecotech-1 Extension) (1000, 2000 onwards Sq Mtr)



Institutional / Commercial/ Residential

Institutional Area Phase-II (Phase-2) (1000 to 10,000 sq Mtr Onwards)

Institutional Area Phase-III (Knowledge Park)

Sector Knowledge Park– IV (Knowledge Park-4)

Sector of Knowledge Park-V


5% Abadi Expansion Farmer Plots

Omricron-1 (Abadi Expansion) (120Sq Mtr Onwards)


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Various Plot Options:

Greater Noida Plots Resale

Greater Noida Kothi/ Duplex/ Villa  Resale

Yamuna Expressway/ YEIDA  Plots Resale

Sector 3 Plots, Greater Noida

Sector 2 Plots, Greater Noida

Sector 36 Plots, Greater Noida

Sector Pie 3 Plots, Greater Noida

Plots in Eta 1, Greater Noida

Plots in Gama 2, Greater Noida

Plots in Gama 1, Greater Noida

Plots in Delta 2, Greater Noida

Plots in Delta 1, Greater Noida

Plots in Beeta 2, Greater Noida

Plots in Beeta 1, Greater Noida

Plots in Alpha 2, Greater Noida

Plots in Alpha 1, Greater Noida



To Know more details for any below listed Property, Please SMS PROP BUY (Property Sr. No.) on 9811007432




Authority Plots for Sale in Greater Noida:

Date      Sr.         Type      Project                                                      Sector                Size (Sqft)         Demand

26-Nov-13         1339      plot       Greater Noida Authority            Alpha 1             300                     Market Price

20-Oct-14          2679      plot       Greater Noida Authority            Beeta 2               200       

23-Dec               2968      plot       Greater Noida Authority            Chi 5                  1000                   Market Price

7-Feb-14            1638      Industrial Plot Greater Noida Authority Eco Tech 6      450                     Market Price

2-Jan-15            3017      plot       Greater Noida Authority            Eta 1                  200       

22-Nov-13         1328      plot       Greater Noida Authority            Eta 1                  300                     Market Price

12-Sep-14          2472      plot       Greater Noida Authority                                      350                     45000 psm

8-Jun-14            2083      plot       Greater Noida Authority            KP5                    2000                   15000 psm

9-Feb-14            1646      plot       Greater Noida Authority            Mu                      30                       1 Lac Pre.

10-Nov-14         2782      plot       Greater Noida Authority            Omicron 1         120                     Market Price

31-May-13         896        plot       Greater Noida Authority            P3                      60                       Call us

20-Apr-12          107        plot       Greater Noida Authority            P3                      299                     Market Price

18-Dec-13          1414      plot       Greater Noida Authority            Phi 1                  280                     1.35 Cr

11-Oct-14          2623      plot       Greater Noida Authority            Phi 3                  226       

8-Mar-15            3383      plot       Greater Noida Authority            Sec-36                350                     38000 psy

3-Nov-12           422        FactoryGreater Noida Authority            Site 5, Kasana   611m                  Market Price

8-Oct-14            2606      plot       Greater Noida Authority            Surajpur Site C 200                    Market Price

20-Jan-13          536        Plot       Greater Noida Authority            Vill Kasana        150                     Market Price

17-Dec-12          504        Plot       Greater Noida Authority            Vill Kasana        150m                  Market Price

17-Dec-12          503        Plot       Greater Noida Authority            Vill Kasana        210m                  Market Price

20-Dec               2951      plot       Greater Noida Authority            Xu 2      Park      120                     45 Lacs

25-Jul-14           2290      plot       Greater Noida Authority            Zeta 1                 60                       Market Price

18-Feb-15          3272      plot       Greater Noida Authority            Zeta 2                 200                     Market Price

19-Jun-14          2119      plot       Greater Noida Authority                                      60                       37 lacs

4-Aug-14           2323      plot       Greater Noida Authority                                      162                     Market Price

10-Dec-13          1368      plot       Greater Noida Authority                                      520                     Market Price



Authority Plots & Kothi for Sale in Noida:

Date      Sr.         Type      Project                                         Facing   Size (Sqft)         Sector   Demand

31-May-13         779        Kothi     Noida Authority                        375        Sec-56                5 Cr

31-May-13         780        Kothi     Noida Authority                        375        Sec-56                4 Cr

31-May-13         781        Kothi     Noida Authority                        360        Sec-39                7.5 Cr

31-Dec-13          1481      plot       Noida Authority                        257        Sec-112            

9-May-14           1990      Flat       Noida Authority                                     5th Below          Market Price

2-Jul-14             2179      Kothi     Noida Authority                        112        Sec-49                2 Cr

29-Jul-14           2301      Kothi     Noida Authority                        180        Sec-135             Market Price

6-Oct-14            2589      Kothi     Noida Authority            Corner  300                                 9 Cr

6-Oct-14            2590      Plot       Noida Authority                        1001      Sec-136             50000 psm

6-Oct-14            2591      Kothi     Noida Authority                        205        Sec-188             4.25 Cr

6-Oct-14            2592      Kothi     Noida Authority                        250        Sec-50                4.5 Cr

6-Oct-14            2593      Kothi     Noida Authority                        250        Sec-50                5 Cr

6-Oct-14            2594      Kothi     Noida Authority                        180        Sec-41                2.25 Cr

6-Oct-14            2595      Kothi     Noida Authority                        180        Sec-41                3.5 Cr

6-Oct-14            2596      Kothi     Noida Authority                        200        Sec-46                3 Cr

6-Oct-14            2597      Plot       Noida Authority                        112        Sec-122             1 lac psm

7-Oct-14            2603      Kothi     Noida Authority                        180        Sec-14                Market Price

12-Oct-14          2629      plot       Noida Authority                        210        Sec-146            

30-Oct-14          2725      Kothi     Noida Authority                        300        Sec-34                3.5 Cr

8-Nov-14           2776      Kothi     Noida Authority                        162        Sec-11                Market Price

29-Nov-14         2880      Kothi     Noida Authority            Road     450        Sec-105             Market Price

10-Dec-14          2913      plot       Noida Authority                        165        Sec-49                2 Cr

23-Dec               2967      plot       Noida Authority                        300        Sec-154             Market Price

1-Jan-15            3012      plot       Noida Authority                        375        Sec-56  

28-Feb-15          3348      Kothi     Noida Authority                        112        Sec-48                2.25 cr

8-Mar-15            3385      plot       Noida Authority                        300        Sec-44                Market Price

8-Mar-15            3386      plot       Noida Authority                        280        Sec-47                Market Price

8-Mar-15            3387      Kothi     Noida Authority                        180        Sec-27                Market Price

8-Mar-15            3388      Kothi     Noida Authority                        450        Sec-47                Market Price

8-Mar-15            3389      Kothi     Noida Authority                        162        Sec-37                Market Price

8-Mar-15            3394      Kothi     Noida Authority Main Road Facing 200                         Market Price

8-Mar-15            3396      plot       Noida Authority                        250                                 1.4 Cr

8-Mar-15            3397      plot       Noida Authority                        260        Sec-19                Market Price

8-Mar-15            3398      plot       Noida Authority                        450        Sec-44                Market Price




No Brokers Please!!



Farmer Plots for Sale:

Sr.         Type      Project                                         Facing   Size (Sqft)         Sector/Village   Demand

2815      plot       Greater Noida Farmer Plot        Corner  140                     Vill Jaitpur        28000 psy

2073      plot       Greater Noida Farmer Plot                     160                     Sec-Zita            Market Price

2273      plot       Greater Noida Farmer Plot                     210                     Vill Kasna         8000 psm

1530      plot       Greater Noida Farmer Plot                     600                     Sec-Chi 5          20500 psf

648        Plot       Noida Farmer Plot                                   100                     Sec-88                Market Price

1192      plot       Noida Farmer Plot                                   150                     Sec-116             67000 psm

2931      plot       Noida Farmer Plot                                   155                     Sec-116             1.5 Cr

3298      Farmer Plot       Noida Farmer Plot                      210                     Sec-142             24000 psf

1758      plot       Yamuna Farmer Plot                               120                     Sec-25                Market Price

2509      plot       Yamuna Farmer Plot                               180                     Sec-25                6500 psm

1589      plot       Yamuna Farmer Plot                               350                     Sec-25                4600

1321      plot       Yamuna Farmer Plot                               390                     Sec-25                Market Price




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Greater Noida Properties

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Greater Noida Properties:

Kothies, Authority Build up, Duplex and Plots

Amrapali Grande, Sector Zeta

Amrapali Castle, Chi 4, Greater Noida

ITIL Nimbus Park View Apartments, Chi 4

Ace Platinum, Greater Noida

Ansal Golf Link 1 Plots

Ansal Sushant Serene Residency

Assotech Springfield, Zeta 1

AVJ Heights, Zeta-I 

AVJ Homes, Beta 2 

ATS Dolce, Zeta 1, Greater Noida

ATS Paradiso, Chi 4, Greater Noida

Earthcon Casa Grande, Chi 5, Greater Noida

Eldeco Rivera, Pi, Greater Noida

Eldeco Mystic Green, Omicron, Greater Noida

Eldeco Residency Green

Gaur Atulyam Greater, Noida

IFS Villas, Chi 2, Greater Noida

Omaxe NRI City, Greater Noida

Omaxe Cannaught Place, Greater Noida

Oasis Venetia Heights, Site C, Greater Noida

Parsavnath Panorma, Kanchar Estate

Paramount Golf Foreste Studio, Villas & Suites

Purvanchal Heights, Greater Noida

Purvanchal Silver City, Greater Noida

SDS NRI Residency, Pari Chowk

Supertech Czar Villas & Apartments, Omicron-1

Unitech Horizon, Pie 2, Greater Noida

Vrinda City, Greater Noida

Distress Sale Greater Noida



Yamuna Expressway Properties:

Yamuna Expressway Residential Plots

3C Lotus City Plots 

Ajnara Panorma F1 Luxury Villas

Ajnara Panorma F1  2/3 BHK Apartments

Amrapali Castle, Chi V  

Gaur Yamuna City Apartments  

HDIL Imperial County Plots 

Jaypee Country Homes Plots

Jaypee Yamuna Vihar Plots  

Jaypee SunnyVale Homes Plots  

Jaypee Green Crest Homes Plots

Jaypee Kassia Apartments, Sports City  

Jaypee Buddha Studios, Sports City

Jaypee Solitarian City, Sports City 

Jaypee Nature View, Sports City  

Jaypee Green Kove 2/3/4 BHK

ITIL Nimbus - The Palm Village 

Imperia Mirage Homes, Sports 

Logix Empire Estate Plots 

Orris Green Bay Golf Village plots

Orris CurioCity Plots & Apartments 

SDS NRI Township Plots 

Supertech Up Country Plots & Villas 

Supertech Night Safari Studio in Upcountry

Supertech Grand Circuit 1/2/3 BHK 

Supertech Golf Country Plots & Villas

7% Farmer Quota Plots on Yamuna Expressway 

More Properties on…



3C Lotus Green Properties  in Noida

3C Lotus Boulevard, Sec-100, Noida

3C Lotus Boulevard Especia, Sec-100, Noida3C Lotus Peak, Sec-100, Noida

3C Lotus Panache, Sec-110, Noida

3C Lotus 300, Sec-107, Noida

3C Lotus Zing, Sec-168, Noida

3C GreenoPolis, Sector-89, Gurgaon

3c Lotus Resale Noida



Jaypee Greens Noida Properties:

Jaypee Kosmos, Wish Town

Jaypee Kresent Homes, Sec-129

Jaypee Orchards Wish Town, Wish Town

Jaypee Aman, Sector 151, Noida

Jaypee KPA-1 & KPA-2 Plots, Sec-131

Jaypee Kesington Park Apartments

Jaypee Kesington Park Heights, Wish Town

Jaypee Kalypso Court, 128 Wish Town

Jaypee Green Garden Isles, Wish Town

Jaypee Pavalion Court, 128 Wish Town

Jaypee Pavalion Heights, 128 Wish Town

Jaypee Knights Court, 128 Wish Town

Jaypee Kingswood Oriental Villa, 128,

Jaypee Green Imperial Court, 128,

Jaypee Green Kingston Boulevard 131

Jaypee Green Kallisto Town Homes

Jaypee Kube, Wish Town

Jaypee Pebble Court, Wish Town

Jaypee Kasa Isle, Wish Town

Jaypee Klassic Heights, Wish Town

Jaypee Boomerang, Wish Town

Jaypee Kristal Court, 128

Jaypee Wish Point Commercial

Jaypee Greens Noida Resale



Jaypee Sports City Properties:

Jaypee Sports Ville, Jaypee Sports City

Jaypee Sports Cty Map

JP Sports City Plots 

Jaypee Kove 2/3/4 BHK Apartments

Jaypee Kassia 2/3/4 BHK Apartments

Jaypee Country Homes Plots

Jaypee Krowns Plots

Jaypee Sports City Yamuna Vihar Plots 

Jaypee Sports City Country Homes 2 Plots 

Jaypee Sports City Greencrest Homes Plots

Jaypee Sports City SunnyVale Plots 

Jaypee’s  Central District - Yamuna Vihar Plots

Jaypee Udaan Apartments - Low rise

Jaypee Buddha Studio, Jaypee Sports City

Imperia Mirage Homes, Jaypee Sports City

Solitarian City, Jaypee Sports City

Jaypee Nature View, Jaypee Sports City

Jaypee Villa Expanza, Jaypee Sports City

Jaypee Bougainvilleas Villas, Jaypee Sports City

Jaypee Udaan Apartments, Jaypee Sports City

Jaypee Aman 3, Jaypee Sports City

Jaypee Boulevard Court, Jaypee Sports City

Jaypee Golf Green Avenue, Jaypee Sports City

Jaypee Sports Ville, Jaypee Sports City

Jaypee Sports City Map

Yamuna Expressway Industrial Authority Town Map

Property Transfer Process in Jaypee Greens

Jaypee Sports City Resale




Jaypee Greater Noida Properties:

Jaypee Star Court, Greater Noida

Jaypee Moon Court, Greater Noida

Jaypee Crescent Court, Greater Noida

Jaypee Earth Court, Greater Noida

Jaypee Spa Court, Greater Noida

Jaypee Sea Court, Greater Noida

Jaypee Sun Court, Greater Noida

Jaypee Castile, Greater Noida

Jaypee Cypress Court, Greater Noida

Jaypee Greens Greater Noida Resale

Jaypee Greens Greater Noida Resale



ATS Projects:

ATS Prestine, Sector 150, Noida 

ATS Allur, Yamuna Expressway 

ATS One Hemlet, Sector 104, Noida

ATS Village, Sector 93, Noida Expressway (R2M)

ATS Advantage Indirapuram, Ghaziabad (R2M)

ATS Marigold, Sector 89, Gurgaon

ATS Triumph, Sector104, Gurgaon

ATS Tourmaline, Sector 109, Gurgaon

ATS Haciendas, Indirapuram

ATS Noida & Greater Noida Properties Resale


Amrapali Properties:

Amrapali Dream Valley Villas, Noida Ext 

Amrapali Dream Valley Apartments 

Amrapali Leisure Valley Villas, Noida Ext

Amrapali Golf Homes, Noida Extension

Amrapali Princely Estate, Sector 76, Noida

Amrapali Saphire, Sector 45, Noida

Amrapali Silicon City, Sector 76, Noida

Amrapali Heartbeat City, Sector 107, Noida

Amrapali PAN Oasis, 70, Noida (Ready for Possession)

Amrapali Zodiac, Sector 120, Noida

Amrapali Grande, Zeta 1, Greater Noida (Ready to Move)

Amrapali Cristal Homes, Sector 76, Noida

Amrapali Tropical Gardens, Noida Extension

Amrapali Centurion Park, Noida Extension

Amrapali Terrace Homes, Noida Extension

Amrapali Spring Meadows, Noida Extension 

Amrapali La Residentia, Noida Extension

Amrapali Verona Heights, Noida Extension

Amrapali Leisure Park, Noida Extension

Amrapali Platinum, Sector 119, Noida (Ready to Move)

Amrapali Hanging Garden, Sector 107, Noida

Amrapali Saphire, Sector 45, Noida


For more properties by Amrapali in Noida Region,  Kindly Visit our Website:



Eldeco Noida  & Geater Noida Properties:

Eldeco Edge, 119, Noida

Eldeco Inspire, 119, Noida

Eldeco Meadows, Pi, Greater Noida

Eldeco Residency Green, Pi, Greater Noida

Eldeco Mangolia Park, Sector 119, Noida

Eldeco Amantran, 119, Noida

Eldeco Rivera, Pi, Greater Noida

Eldeco Mystic Green, Omicron, Greater Noida

Eldeco Sylvan View, 93A, Noida

Eldeco Olympia, 93A, Noida

Eldeco Utopia, 93A, Noida

For more Eldeco Properties, Please Visit - 




Gaur Properties:

Gaur City 1, Greater Noida Extension

Gaur City 2, Greater Noida West

Gaur Saundaryam, Noida Extension

Gaur Grandeur, Sector 119, Noida (Ready to Move)

Gaur Sports Wood, Sector 79, Noida

Gaur Yamuna City Apartments, Yamuna Eway

Gaur Yamuna City Studio Apartments

Gaur Global Village, Crossings Republic (Ready to Move)

Gaur Valerio, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad (Ready to Move)

Gaur City Plaza Commercial, Noida Extension

Gaur Green Vista, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad (Ready to Move)

For more properties by Gaur in Noida Region,  Kindly Visit our Website:



Gulshan Homes Properties:

Gulshan Ikebana, Sector 143, Noida

Gulshan Vivante, Sector 137, Noida

Gulshan Ajnara Homes 121, Noida

Gulshan Emerald Heights, Vaishali

Gulshan Homz GC Centrum, Indirapuram

Gulshan GC Grand, Indirapuram

Gulshan Homz Noida Ghaziabad Properties Resale



Mahagun Properties:

Mahagun Moderne, Sector 78, Noida

Mahagun Mywoods, Greater Noida West

Mahagun Mezzaria, Sector 78, Noida

Mahagun Puram, NH24, Ghaziabad

Mahagun Marvella, Sector 78, Noida

Mahagun Mirabella, Sector 79, Noida

Mahagun Mantra 1, Greater Noida West

Mahagun Mascot, Crossings Republic

Mahagun Morpheus, Noida

Mahagun Maestro, Noida

Mahagun Mansion, Indira Puram

Mahagun Mosaic, Vaishali

Mahagun Mapple, Sector 50, Noida

Mahagun Manor, Noida

Mahagun Villas, Greater Noida West

Mahagun Metro Mall, Vaishali

For Properties by Mahagun  in Noida & Ghaziabad —  



Omaxe Noida Projects:

Omaxe Forest Spa, Sect 93 B, Noida

Omaxe Twin Towers, Sector 50, Noida

Omaxe Riyasat, Sector 93B, Noida

Grand Omaxe, Sector 93B, Noida

Omaxe The Forest, Sector 92, Noida

Omaxe Royal Residency, Sector 44, Noida


Omaxe Greater Noida Projects:

Omaxe Palm Greens, Sector Mu, Greater Noida

Omaxe Orchid Avenue, Mu, Greater Noida

Omaxe Palm Villas, Mu, Greater Noida

For Properties by Omaxe in Noida & Greater Noida, Visit:



Supertech Properties:

Supertech Golf Country Plots & Villas

Supertech Golf Studio, Golf Country

Supertech Upcountry Plots & Villas

Supertech Golf Village, Golf Country

Supertech Night Safari Studio, Upcountry

Supertech CapeTown, Sector 74, Noida

Supertech Albaria, Noida Extension

Supertech SuperNova, 94 Noida Expressway

Supertech North Eye, Sector 74, Noida

Supertech Grand Circuit, Upcountry, Yamuna

Supertech Eco City, Sector 137, Noida

Supertech Eco Village, Noida Extension

Supertech Livingston, Crossings Republic

Supertech Apex Tower, 93A, Noida Expressway

Supertech Renessa, Sector 118, Noida

Supertech 34 Pavallion, Sector 34, Noida

Supertech Emrald Court, 93, Noida Expressway

Supertech Eco Loft, Noida Extension

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Prateek Noida Properties:

Prateek Fedora, Sector 61, Noida

Prateek Laurel, Sector 120, Noida

Prateek Wisteria, Sector 77, Noida

Prateek Stylome, Sector 45, Noida

Prateek Edifice, Sector 107, Noida

Prateek Royal Cliff, Crossings Republic

Prateek Grand City, NH24, Ghaziabad



Noida Commercial Properties:


Ajnara 121, Noida Shops

Ajnara Daffodil, 137, Noida Expressway

Paras Seasons Commercials, Sector 168, Noida

Jaypee Wish Point, Wish Town, Noida 

Paras Tierea 137 Commercials, Noida Expressway

Orbit Plaza, Crossings Republic

Panchsheel Square, Crossings Republic

Gaur City Plaza Commercial Shops, Noida Extension

La Gracia Shops, Crossings Republic

Mahagun Mart Shops in Noida Extension 

Omaxe India Trade Center, Greater Noida

Savior Street Shops, Crossings Republic

Supertech Eco City Commercial Shops, Sector 137, Noida

Supertech Eco Bazaar 1 Commercial, Noida Extension

Supertech Eco Bazaar 2 Commercial, Noida Extension

Amrapali Zodiac Commercial Shops, Sector 120, Noida

Amrapali Platinum, Sector 119, Commercial Shops

Amrapali Princley Estate Commercial Shops 


Office Space:

Supertech ESquare Shops Commercial, Sec-98

Ansal API Corporate Park, Sec-143 Noida

Omaxe India Trade Center, Greater Noida

Trustone Advan City, Noida Extension

Spiretech Office Space, Tech Zone 1, Greater Noida

Imperia H2O Shops and Office Space

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Unitech Noida Properties

Unitech UniHomes, Sector 117, Noida

Unitech Gardens, Sector 117, Noida

Unitech Exquisite, Sector 117, Noida

Unitech Grand, Noida Expressway, Noida

Unitech Villas, Noida Expressway, Noida

Unitech Grande, Sector 96, Noida Expressway

Unitech Villas, Sector 96, Noida Expressway

Unitech Plots, Sector 96, Noida Expressway

Unitech Greater Noida Properties

Unitech Heights, Chi 3, Greater Noida

Unitech Horizon, Pie 2, Greater Noida

Unitech Cascade, Pie 2, Greater Noida

Unitech Verve, Pie 2, Greater Noida

Unitech Habitat, Pie 2, Greater Noida

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Paras Tierea, Noida Resale

Paras Seasons, Noida Resale

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Sikka Noida Resale

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Today Residency, 135, Noida Resale

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Yamuna Authority Plots Resale

Yamuna Authority 18 & 20 Plots Details

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Indirapuram Properties Resale:

Shipra Sun City

Shipra Srishti Apartments,

Shipra Krishna Vista

ATS Advantage

ATS Haciendas, Indirapuram

Assotech Cabana Residences

Gulshan Emerald Heights, Indirapuram

Gulshan Homz GC Centrum, Indirapuram

Gulshan Homz GC Grand, Indirapuram

Gaur Green Vista, Indirapuram

Gaur Valerio, Indirapuram

Mahagun Mansion, Indira Puram

Mahagun Mosaic, Vaishali

SG Homes, Sector 3, Vasundhra

Orange County Indirapuram

Prateek Grand Sidharth Vihar Indirapuram

Saya Gold Avenue, Indirapuram

Saya Zenith Indirapuram Resale

Pinnacle Towers, Railvihar

Niti Khand Independent Floors

Express Garden Indirapuram

Aditya Mega City Indirapuram

Assotech Windsor Park Indirapuram

Krishna Apra Garden Indirapuram



Crossings Republic Properties:

Aditya World City Luxirious Appartments

Gaur Global Village

Panchsheel Wllington

Supertech Livingston

Assotech ‘s - The Nest

Shops in Panchsheel Square

Savior Street Shopping Mall

Mahagun Mascot, Crossings Republic

Ajnara Gen X, Crossings Republik

Paramount Symphony, Crossings

Prateek Royal Cliff, Crossings

Saviour Greenisle, Crossings

Dreamland - The Willows, Crossings

Exotica Eastern Court, Crossings

Skytech Merion Residency, Crossings



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